“Love, Obey, and Serve”

In displaying our Love for God, we must Obey His will and Serve others.

The vision of this ministry is to empower individuals through evangelism to love and obey God and serve others as we carry His purpose and give birth to destiny.  This is the reason we exist and God’s purpose for our creation here on Earth.  However, every day is not going to be easy, and every day we may not feel like wanting to serve, but every day we must acknowledge our Lord and Savior and be willing to go through a necessary process.  It is important for us to know that before destiny can be achieved, there are several steps that requires action on our part.  Destiny is a supernatural/spiritual force that is pulling us into our purpose by bringing us into an ordained set of events that have been orchestrated by God (and God alone) for us to get to an exact place at an exact time when all that we have been through will come together for our good.

It is our mission to serve God’s people locally, nationally, and internationally with a spirit of love and a servant’s heart by standing on the uncompromising Word of God.  We look forward to what God has for this ministry, including the outreach and mission programs and events that are in the works.  Please stay connected, there is much more to come, many blessings!