The Authority of the Lord

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Hi WR2W, as children of God, it is important for us to recognize the authority of the Lord and realize that we have it to exercise.  In Genesis 1:26, God gives us authority over every living thing, all that is required of us is to open our mouth and speak.  I have learned that a closed mouth does not get fed, and if you do not ask, you will not receive.  The bible says “ask, and it shall be given [to] you” (Matthew 7:7 KJV).   It is time we tear down the foundation of doubt in our mind and heart, rebuild with a spirit of confidence, pray, and speak the word with the authority God has given us.  There is nothing on Earth that we cannot conquer.  If it is God’s will for us to have it or succeed at it, Thine will be done!  We must believe!  Our problem is we do not truly understand the power God has given us, but how can we understand the power He has given us when we do not fully understand how powerful He is—-food for thought.

Do you know that God is Omnipotent (All-powerful)?  He has the power to do just what He wants, whenever He wants, and we have the power to believe and trust in Him.  Are you exercising your power in the authority of God?  If so, how?  If not, it is time that you start!  I love each of you, be blessed, be encouraged, and be true!




4 thoughts on “The Authority of the Lord”

  1. Amen WOG! What I love about God is that the same Power that lies within Him, lies within us! He has given us the Power to tread upon every serpent and scorpion! But like you said, we won’t know until we exercise in it! Great word!

    1. Thanks Humble Lady Shira, may God continue to bless you as we exercise His authority in our lives together! Let’s go and grow!

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