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Hi WR2W, today I came to encourage us through the word of God that “Good People Do Suffer”, but according to Matthew 26: 36-46, as Jesus prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane, He teaches us that during our suffrage, God’s Grace is Sufficient!  The Garden of Gethsemane was a familiar place to Jesus and His disciples.  It is a place where the oil is pressed, and where we find out just how anointed we are and how much we can endure.  It is a place of uncertainty that you and I cannot avoid no matter how hard we try.  But in this place of uncertainty, we discover there is still good, and the good is the fact that it prepares us for our “Next Level Blessing”.  So, there is no need for us to walk around feeling sorry for ourselves, having a pity party because “the cup of suffering” has become full and it seems to be causing us great pain and agony when the bible clearly depicts, through the life of Jesus, that if we press through our Garden of Gethsemane, we will receive our “Next Level Blessing”

However, WR2W, for us to receive our “Next Level Blessing”, we must be willing to drink from the cup of suffering.  This is the time in our life when all hell is breaking loose, and our situation has not improved; in fact, it has become worse, and we are now at the point when we feel we cannot take anymore and if one more thing happens, we will lose our mind.  At this point in our life, we must be willing to reflect on the character of Jesus Christ and carry out the assignment God has placed before us with integrity, dignity, and grace.  We are to remember we belong to God, and because we are a Daughter of the Most High King, we are not to conform to the world’s system and try to make things happen for ourselves.  Like Jesus, we must Honor God in Obedience and suffer through!  Father, not my will, but Your will be done.  We must speak to the dead things in our life that is holding us bound (i.e. hatred, envy, eagerness, laziness, sexual sin (H.E.E.L.S), backbiting, gossip, lying, betrayal, jealously, deception, loneliness, pain, hurt, disappointment, agony, grief, anger, abandonment, tiredness, frustration, desperation, anxiety, uncertainty, and despair), and tell these things to “Sleep on now and take your rest!”  (Matthew 26:45 KJV)

We must be willing to Commune with God in Prayer.  Although Jesus knew His purpose for being in Gethsemane, because He continuously communed (talked) with God in prayer, He obtained strength.  For example, verse 39 depicts Jesus going deeper, giving reverence to the Father as He entered His “War Room” of prayer.  WR2W, if we want to receive our “Next Level Blessing”, we must understand our purpose for having to pass through Gethsemane, and we too must go deeper, into our “War Room” of prayer, and prepare for the Great Spiritual Fight that faces us ahead!  Like Jesus, we must have a prayer life because prayer is what brings us into close fellowship with the Father.  When we commune with God in prayer, we come into a place called worship, and for me, there is no greater place to be than in the presence of the Almighty God.  Moreover, prayer is the place when divinity meets humanity and circumstances are subject to change.  We experience spiritual intercourse and become one with the Father.  God is within us and His Holy Spirit is flowing through us.  This, I can tell you, is an amazing experience!

WR2W, it is time for us to “let sleeping dogs lie”.  We do not have time to allow dead weight to keep us bound, the betrayer is here, and we have too much work to do for the kingdom.  In simple terms, we do not have time to be stuck in tradition, operating according to a religious system, and with all due respect, being stuck on stupid while the enemy is in our vicinity plotting and scheming.  We must Serve God in Joy, “Rise, let us be going”, we have work to do (Matthew 26:46 KJV)!  I love each of you, be blessed, be encouraged, and be true!



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  1. We are Fruitful & a part of the fruit is Long suffering! For I reckon of the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the Glory which shall be revealed in us! We go through but I encourage each one of us to count it all joy through trials & tribulations! Our light afflictions are but for moment! Tell your suffering, this is a light thing!

    1. Yes Lord, powerful words and so true. Thanks WOG for sharing such encouraging words from the Lord. Please keep sharing, love you Sis!

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