Trusting in the Lord

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Hi WR2W, I must share with you today, what God has placed in my heart for us to do.  He guides us through His word in Proverbs 3:5-6 (NLT), to “Trust in the Lord with ALL [our] heart; do not depend on [our] own understanding.  Seek His will in ALL [we] do, and He will show [us] which path to take.”  My sisters, it is just that simple.  Who are we trusting today to lead and direct us?  Who are we trusting to order our steps?  I hope our answer is the Lord.  But for those whose answer is “I don’t know”, you are still in the right place because Jesus will meet you right where you are if you are willing to let Him.  We must open our heart and mind to receive the things of God because He wants to minister to our heart and penetrate it in such a way that it changes our mind and actions.  Once we begin to do this, we will start to look, and talk like Him.  Why?  Because we were created in His likeness (image) and have come into the fullness of who He is, and this is such a wonderful feeling, so we shall not miss our moment!

For some of us who grew up in church, went to Sunday School, and all the programs the church had to offer, for some reason, it is still hard for us to truly trust God.  However, there are others who recently learned the name of Jesus, has no true knowledge and understanding of God, no church history, and does not belong to any religious or spiritual organization, and it is easier for them to trust God.  Can the distinction be because they know God exists, have faith merely in His existence, and trust that He controls the universe, and those of us who have been in church all our lives are looking for a deeper answer?  So, I begin to wonder and ask the question, why?  Is it because of the way we were taught and our perception of the word?  Is it because when we do not get what we are requesting, we try to be too “deep” and lean on our own understanding?  Is it because we do not know who Jesus really is and His purpose for our existence?  WR2W, Jesus is not Santa Claus, I Dream of Jeanie, or Bewitched, Jesus is the Light of the world, who came to bring salvation to a dying world.  It is time for us to think on the external things, stop concentrating on the material things, and making a list for Jesus to complete as if He is our servant.  We are His servants and that is our true purpose of existence—-merely to serve! 

It is time for us to get over ourselves and commit to trusting in the ways of the Lord and follow His instructions.  Unlike the Israelites on their 40 years journey, we must stop complaining and trust God 100% of the time with 100% of our self and all that He has given and will give to us.  We must trust that He will never leave us alone to defend ourselves.  If He sends us, He will take care of us in every area.  If God tells us to do something, we must trust Him enough to do it because He has a plan for the manifestation of His promises.  “For all the promises of God in Him are yea (meaning yes), and in Him Amen” (2 Corinthians 1:20 KJV).  On our journey to Destiny, God sees what is ahead and will lead us down a path that may take longer and less traveled, but it is all for our good, so we can make it to the promise land.  And if for some reason, our adversary tries to get in the way, and persists to keep us in bondage, when God has ordered our release, trust and believe, He will get their attention one way or another, and although we may be near the place He strikes, like the Israelites, we and our bloodline (all who are spiritually connected through the blood of Jesus) will be spared.  WR2W, please take note, that when this happens, it is not our responsibility to try to figure out the heart of the adversary, but to trust God and understand that He can and will allow someone’s heart to be hardened towards us, so we can experience Him as the Gift Giver and see His glory. 

We must trust Him even when we do not understand what He is doing because He knows the end from the beginning.  God is in control!  He knows what we can handle and the perfect time for our arrival to the promise land.  If we arrive prematurely, this means we are not prepared to handle the abundance of blessings.  WR2W, we must trust the process and fully trust God through the process.  The race is not given to the swift, but the one endures to the end.  Let us worship God together through the process instead of complaining about the process.  As the Israelites had to understand, so do we, He did not have to deliver us, but He did, thanks be to God for His unconditional love.  My sisters, we should be grateful, and shouting with a heart of total praise, thanks be to the Lord of Heaven’s Armies!  I am waiting to hear from you, let us help each other and grow together.  I love each of you, be blessed, be encouraged, and be true!  


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