It’s All About Our Choices

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Genesis 19:16-20 NLT – (16) “When Lot still hesitated, the angels seized his hand and the hands of his wife and two daughters and rushed them to safety outside the city, for the Lord was merciful. 

 Hi WR2W, during this life there are always going to be choices we are going to have to make.  Some good, bad, and ugly, but still choices.  Some choices will put us in situations where we may feel like our backs are against the wall.  And most often, when put in this type of situation, we make the choice to be comfortable, and therefore become compromised and confused.  Let’s look at Lot’s life for example.  Lot and his family was living in the city of Sodom.  Sodom was a place full of wickedness, pride, gluttony, and laziness (Ezekiel 16:49 NLT), and its citizens constantly sinned against God (Genesis 13:13 NLT).  And because their sin was so offensive, the bible indicates that the outcry against the people for judgement had become so great, the Lord sent two of His angels into the city to destroy it by fire and burning sulfur.  However, due to Abraham’s plea for the righteous to be saved, Lot and his family was spared, and the rest of Sodom was destroyed because the Lord did not consider 10 righteous.  Although Lot made selfish and ungodly choices, he still was considered a righteous man, one who God considered to be godly (2 Peter 2:6-9 NLT). 

WR2W, if God were to give the order today to destroy the world by fire, would we be in the number considered righteous?  Because we make bad (ungodly/unwise) choices, this does not make us unrighteous.  Only God has the authority to judge and determine who is righteous or unrighteous.  But we have the authority to live in His will and by His faith, thus making good (godly/wise) choices.  How many of us have made selfish choices and have chosen to be comfortable instead of considering others and their well-being?  How many of us are currently yoked up with what makes us comfortable instead of what we have been called to because of lust, money, pride and/or because what God was calling us to did not look so appealing?  Listen, it is time for us to do some honest self-evaluation.  Truth be told, many of us are married to people, places, and/or things that makes us comfortable instead of who, where, or what God has called us to, and we wonder why we are constantly having problems and are so joyless.  Joyfulness is not found in people, places, and things.  Joy is found in the Lord!  Again, it’s all about our choices!

WR2W, we must be witnesses for God and not compromise our integrity and make bad choices out of fear and desperation in the urgency of the moment.  We must be clear on who we are and stand firm on what we believe and stick to it no matter what the devil presents before us.  And please note, the devil will not present us with someone, somewhere, and/or something in which we have no interest.  The devil is clever/very cunning and will send his best hitters at us – we better believe it, so we must stay woke!  Not only do we need to stay woke, but we need not to become confused when familiar spirits come before us.  We must immediately recognize them and not hesitate to denounce the very person, place and/or thing our heart is still attached to and attracting.  From Lot’s story, let us learn the error of our way and trust the process of the One who has come to save us from our Sodom (and His name is Jesus).  And even in our hesitation (our moment of confusion), let us recognize when Jesus is extending His Hand of grace to us to rush us to safety outside of ourselves because our inner man (our flesh), that which we work so desperately hard to please, is our Sodom, the very thing holding us bond to sin.  WR2W, do we realize we don’t deserve for Jesus to extend His hand to rescue us, but because of the sufficiency of His grace, we should be grateful?  In addition, do we understand we deserve to burn in our Sodom, but because of His mercy, He has kept us, and we should humble ourselves under His Mighty hand?  Again, it’s all about our choices!  Therefore, I make the choice not to be comfortable, but to be called.  I make the choice not to compromise or be confused, I choose Jesus and His way, what about you?  I love each of you, be blessed, be encouraged, and be true!

Making Godly Choices

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