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Hi WR2W, I want to serve us notice this day to SLOW DOWN and PAY ATTENTION!  Sometimes we move so fast, we miss what God is trying to show us.  There have been so many times when I am sure many of us have been moving so fast toward what we have set before us that we have not made the time or disciplined ourselves to slow down, pause, and consult God on the very thing He is trying to teach us in the moment because we did not have time for the moment and therefore, we miss the moment.  About three years and seven months ago, I went to the movies to see War Room.  I arrived early enough to the movie theater where there was no need for me to rush once I purchased my ticket and entered the front doors.  However, this was not the case.  Once I was told what direction to go and the room number where my film was playing, I proceeded to move fast (although I walk fast most of the time), never looking up or paying attention to the doors.  I opened the first door I came to and walked in with great anticipation.  I was told so many wonderful things about the movie and was eager to watch.

Well, let me serve you notice, although you are eager to enter, you need to learn to SLOW DOWN and PAY ATTENTION to what door you are entering because it could be the wrong one!  And come to find out, it was exactly that, the wrong one!  I sat in the room for about 15 minutes, watched two couples (one young and one older) come in and then I looked at my watch.  Something did not feel right, I became very uncomfortable, and did not feel at peace.  Then I felt God through the power of His Holy Spirit tell me to get up and check the door.  He kept showing me doors, but at first, I did not move.  Mainly, because I did not feel like getting up, and secondly, I was trying to convince myself that I was in the right room.  So, I sat for about another 15 minutes, looking around while nobody else came in the room and then the previews and film started to play.  It opened with a war scene and men shooting guns and fighting.  Ok, so now I am looking crazy, but then I found myself trying to convince myself again that maybe this is how it starts, and I am in the right place.  A minute later, I knew this could not have been War Room, so I turned around and asked the younger couple that was sitting behind me the name of the movie.  I do not remember what the young lady told me, but I knew I did not hear her say War Room, so I got up in a hurry and ran outside the door and this time, I looked up.  I was in the right vicinity but should have entered the second door.  How many of us have been so close, but because we were moving so fast and were too eager, we entered door one when we should have entered door two? 

Again, I tell you SLOW DOWN and PAY ATTENTION.  Although I entered the right door the second time, I had missed so much of the movie by this time, if I would have stayed to the end, I would have missed the foundation and would not have acquired what I needed to understand the middle and end of the movie so after about 5 minutes I got up and left because God started showing me doors and I felt Him pushing me to get up and move.  This time, I was not wasting time, I was following His lead.  I got up, went to the guy who took my ticket and told him what happened.  He went with me to the window where I purchased my ticket and he told the lady what happened and asked her to give me a ticket for the next feature at no cost.  Thank God for Favor!  When God is in the plan, it does not matter how much time has passed or how long you stayed behind the wrong door, He will set you up to enter the right door, at the right time, and at no cost, trust and believe!  WR2W, had I been ashamed or afraid to talk to the person God was instructing me to tell my situation, I would have missed a valuable lesson and would have never understood the purpose of the movie because I would have missed the most important part, the beginning.  I tell you my sisters, SLOW DOWN and PAY ATTENTION so you can avoid missing your graced opportunity because catching the beginning is always better than catching it at the end to gain a greater understanding.  “Getting wisdom is the wisest thing [we] can do!  And whatever else [we] do, develop good judgment (understanding)” (Proverbs 4:7 (NLT).  To be a true Ambassador and effectively serve others, we must SLOW DOWN and PAY ATTENTION.  I love each of you, be blessed, be encouraged, and be true!

Not Rushing and Staying Attentive


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