365 Days of Growing Together 
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Hi WR2W, I encourage each of us to turn phones, TVs, and any other electronic devices off and go into a quiet place and R.E.S.T (Release Everything, Savor Time)!  Rest is so very important, and we should enjoy moments of releasing everything and savoring time with ourselves.  When we feel our body is getting tired and we can no longer go, we must learn how to lay it down (mind, body, and soul) and rest!  Lately, I have found myself needing a mental vacation.  A vacation from having to analyze my stuff and other people’s stuff.  A vacation from having to deal with the realities of life and a moment where I can spend time with God and like Bishop says, with “my three-favorite people: me, myself, and I”.  This place of rest continues to remind me that there is no need for analyzation nor for handling anything because when we R.E.S.T, this means God is taking care of it all and has it under control, therefore, we experience total peace.

Moreover, when we R.E.S.T, we are worry free and available to God for His perfect work in our hearts and minds.  Now, this is what I call peace!  Why do we have to wait to experience total peace when we die and experience eternity?  We can have peace daily here on Earth.  I hear many people say, “Oh when this life is over, I will be at rest”.  Well, we should want to be at rest now and this is exactly why we need to establish moments where we can R.E.S.T with God daily.  I will always stress developing and sustaining a prayer life because prayer covers everything.  If we truly want to rest, we cannot do it without prayer.  WR2W, in our moments of R.E.S.T, we must pray!!! 

So, let us take the months of June and July and consciously establish moments of R.E.S.T and pray, write, sing, worship, praise, sleep, eat, dance, and fall in love with Jesus of course, but ourselves as well.  Let us take these moments to learn ourselves, discover new things about ourselves, and enjoy ourselves.  O my, I am so looking forward to these moments.  I cannot wait to do what I have been doing in a more refined, efficient, and effective way.  I pray we can do this journey together and share our experiences.  I look forward to sharing.  I love each of you, be blessed, be encouraged, and be true!

Ready to R.E.S.T

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