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Hi WR2W, I encourage each of us to be keen to the Holy Spirit and know when God has released us because our assignment is over.  So often we try to hold on to people, places, and things when God is saying, “My Dear, it is not that the people no longer have use for you, but “Your assignment is over”!  Our problem with understanding this is the fact that we get so caught up on focusing on how people have done us wrong because after they have used us up, they no longer have time for us that we miss what is really taking place.  Do you really think it is about them?  Well, I am here to serve you notice that it is never about them!  No, it is always about God and His assignment for our life and when the assignment is over, it is over—-“Bye Felicia”, lol!  

That is just a little joke, but in all seriousness, we need to have the attitude “Bye Felicia” because this means we have released the very thing that God no longer wants us bound to, we are not looking back, and we are at peace.  What a beautiful blessing.  WR2W, we must learn how to recognize when our assignment is over and say thank you God I can move on to the next assignment.  God has too much work for us to do to get stuck on one assignment.  When people no longer call us or call on us, don’t be dismayed…. don’t even fret….be free and thankful!  I can guarantee, once we stop analyzing the situation and start giving thanks to God for the situation, the scales will be removed from our eyes and we will see clearer than ever before and feel so much lighter.

So today, let us go into prayer and ask God to give us the spirit of discernment to be able to know without a shadow of a doubt when He is saying “Your Assignment is Over”.  Because I spend time in His presence, He knows me, and I know His voice, therefore, I listen to His voice and I follow Him (John 10:27 NLT).  WR2W, obedience is the key to our prosperity, we do not have time to be disobedient and distracted!  It is time to be in tune and follow what the Holy Spirit is saying.  Let us press into His presence and stay there long enough to hear because I know He is saying to each of us “Your Assignment is Over”!   I love each of you, be blessed, be encouraged, and be true!

Assignment Completed


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