Live Life Like It’s Golden

365 Days of Growing Together 
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Hi WR2W, we should always take time to reflect on our life, think about where we have been, where we are now, and where we are going.  It is never too late to change our perspective on life and do something different.  It is no sense in living if we are not going to live!  It is no sense in not taking chances, leaps, and breaking down walls for something we want, and God approves.  Today, I affirm I will no longer live with limits because I am playing it safe.  No, I will live like the Daughter of the King who owns the world “and everything in it” (Psalms 50:12).  This next chapter of my life nobody can write it nor live it for me.  Only the pen of God can write it, but He is waiting on me to make the decision to “Live Life Like It’s Golden”!

WR2W, my prayer for each of us today and everyday is to be honest with ourselves, write the vision of our dreams plainly, go after them relentlessly, and live our life to the fullest because time waits for no man.  To “Live Life Like It’s Golden” simply means we are living a blessed life and if we want to live a blessed life, then we should follow Nike’s slogan and “Just Do It”!  But always remember, we cannot live our best life with an impoverished mindset.  It is time for us to dream big, set goals, think blessed, look blessed, and live blessed.  Are you ready, I know I am, let’s do it!!!  I love each of you, be blessed, be encouraged, and be true!

Let Us Pray…….

Father God in the name of Jesus, we thank You Master.  We thank You for life, vision, and strength and we ask Father that you give us the strength now to use the vision of our heart, in which you have seeded, to live our life with purpose, on purpose, and in the fullness of joy.  Teach us to go after the dreams you have placed inside of us with persistence and not in fear of man, but only fearing You.  Teach us how to enjoy this life for Your glory and send us the people You want us to enjoy this life with because we know it is not Your intent for man to do life alone.  Father God, only You have the power to yoke us with individuals in which You have ordained for our life for various reasons to carryout Your assignment.  For we know Father every connection is for a divine purpose when You are in control.  Please teach us how to live a holy and fun life because everything You have created was created so we can enjoy.  So, Father teach us not to be boring, stuck in religion, and stuck on stupid acting holier than thou and missing out on all You have created this life to offer.  We trust You, shall remain faithful to You, and will live this life according to Your will and way.  Father God, in the name of Jesus, we trust that You will teach us to “Live Life Like It’s Golden”, Amen!

Will Live Life Like It’s Golden

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