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Hi WR2W, I hope all is well with each of you.  I wanted to share with you today a topic that is dear to my heart…. Religion to Relationship.  As a Christians, it is so important for each of us to be able to distinguish being in religion from being in relationship.  Being in relationship means to be one with the Godhead (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) and following His way.  What it does not mean is attending church, Sunday school, vacation bible school, bible study, and/or any program or service the church is having on any given day and being a member of several auxiliaries for the sake of habit, saying I am active in church, or for wanting to be in control, this simply defines religion.  When we are in relationship, attending these things and being a member of various auxiliaries comes as a bonus on our walk with the Lord.  When we are in relationship, our soul is at peace and our hands and feet are eager to do the work of the Lord for the sake of building the Kingdom of God for the Glorification of God.

It is my extreme honor and pleasure to have been extended the God-given opportunity to come into relationship with Him.  As Christians it is our duty to come to the realization that God did not have to offer us relationship through His darling Son Jesus, but because of His love for us, He has graced us with the most fulfilling relationship anyone, male or female, could ever ask for and experience.  To know you have graduated from religion to relationship is when you can love without limits, when you can see and not judge, when you can give and not want anything back in return, when you can forgive without seeking revenge, and when you can overlook faults for the sake of birthing peace.  Religion to Relationship is a positive experience that spreads Light and Love.  Religion to Relationship offers a heart and a mind of openness to seeing and feeling through spirituality (relationship) and not tradition (religion).  Moreover, following the Holy Spirit as our guide exemplifies being in relationship and following the practice of man because it has been done a certain way ever since we have known exemplifies being in religion.  Which do we identify?           

WR2W, I pray that each of us identify with being in relationship because this is the only way we shall receive salvation.  How can we say we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior if we are not in relationship and are not experiencing the power of the Advocate (which is the Holy Spirit)?  There is no reason we should still be stuck in religion and rejecting relationship because we are muted to the spiritual things of the Lord.  Jesus said in John 16:13 (NLT), “When the Spirit of truth comes, He will guide [us] into all truth.  He will not speak on His own but will tell [us] what He has heard.  He will tell [us] about the future”.  Who has the Holy Spirit heard from and who is He bringing glory, Jesus!  Jesus said, “All that belongs to the Father is mine; this is why I said, ‘The Spirit will tell you whatever He receives from Me’” (John 16:15 NLT).  Let each of us this day decree and declare relationship over our life and rebuke the spirit of religion which continues to work to hold people in tradition to stop the advancement of the Kingdom here on Earth.  Let us pray for the churches open in the name of our Lord and the Leaders that are proclaiming His word.  I love each of you, be blessed, be encouraged, and be true!

In Relationship

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  1. Amen we shoukd have a relationship with God and stop focusing on religion. Keep our mind on the Lord.

    1. I do agree because a religious spirit teaches us how to stay bound to man-made laws, customs, and tradition but a relationship brings us into the fullness of God and teaches us obedience to the Father. Be encouraged, be blessed, and be true, love you!

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