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Hi WR2W, today I want to encourage each of us to “Keep Pressing” because we will never know the strength of our character until we face challenges, and life begins to pressure us.  God wants mature Christians, people that are complete and have endured His test (which comes with pain and suffering).  Instead of complaining about our struggles and blaming God for our struggles, we should be obedient and true to God and keep our focus on God during our struggles.  Moreover, we should take the time to thank God for our struggles, His many blessings that follow the press through the struggles, and the opportunity to grow in our faith while in the struggle. 

Job was this kind of person.  He was a righteous man of God; a true model of trust and obedience to God.  He was a man who possessed great wealth and prestige; a faithful husband, praying and loving father of ten children (seven sons and three daughters), a land owner, a livestock owner of eleven thousand animals [seven thousand sheep, three thousand camels, five hundred yoke of oxen, and five hundred she asses (which are donkeys)], and an owner of many servants.  According to the word of God, Job “was the greatest of all the men of the east” (Job 1:3).  However, all of Job riches couldn’t save him from God’s sufferings and the attacks allowed by God from satan; if anything, they brought more attention to Job.  But the attention that caught satan was not the same attention that God speaks of concerning His servant Job.  Satan was looking at the fact that Job was only serving God and being true to Him because of all that he possessed and his great health.  Satan’s mind frame was once Job is no longer blessed with these things; Job will no longer be a servant of God, and he can come in and take a hold of him.  But how many of us know that when God is in the plan, satan’s plan will never work.  When God has His Hands on us, satan can plot up whatever he wants, but no weapon formed against us will prosper.  Because God knew Job’s heart and his love for Him, He allowed satan to attack Job, but gave satan specific instructions during each test. 

Job was tested twice by God through satan’s attacks.  During the first test, God allowed satan to take all of Job’s possessions and his children, but not his physical health.  Job was delivered four messages.  Before Job could rest with the news from the first messenger that the Sabeans had raided and stole all of his oxen and donkeys and killed his farmhands, the second messenger was arriving to inform him that the fire of God (lightening) had fell from heaven and burned up all of his sheep and shepherds; killing them, then the third messenger before the second messenger could finish told Job that three bands of Chaldean raiders had stolen his camels and killed his servants, and finally the fourth bearer of bad news before the third messenger could finish came with the news that a powerful wind came in from the desert and swept the eldest son house; killing all of his children.  It was one thing after another!  And then there was the second test when God allowed satan to harm him physically but was not allowed to kill Job.  Satan attacked Job with boils from his head to his feet.  Can somebody say, when it rains it pours! 

Well, this has been my testimony these last few months, one thing after another and I found myself saying, Lord, I cannot take any more bad news; please Lord nothing else.  But then, I heard the voice of God saying, remember my servant Job.  Although Job lost everything, and his health had been stricken and he had an unbelieving wife in his ear telling him to curse God and die; he still maintained his integrity and did not talk against or curse God.  Job was a true model of trust and obedience to God.  Despite what he had been through, God’s servant Job stood up and took off his robe, shaved his head, and fell to his knees in reverence to God; praising and worshiping God’s holy name.  Job did not break under pressure.  He maintained his integrity and did not sin against God because of his suffering.  And I too, shall not be moved and this is my prayer for each of us.  Job trusted God in all things and we should do the same.  How many of us can be like Job and do that today?  All God wants from us is a spirit of obedience and a yes to His will and His way no matter our circumstance and when we yield not to the temptation of this world but yield to the will of God and “Keep Pressing”, God will grant us His favor and release the double blessing.  If He did it for Job, He can and will do it for us; “for there is no respect of persons with God” (Romans 2:11 KJV).  I love each of you, be blessed, be encouraged, and be true!

Still Pressing

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  1. Amen!!! I will trust God through my test and I ask Him to strengthen me where I am weak. I ask for you to continue to keep me in your prayers. I love you.

    1. You are forever in my prayers and know that you know without a shadow of a doubt that He has already given you the strength to not only endure the test but to conquer it beyond your imagination! I love you too!

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