365 Days of Growing Together 
“Under Construction”

Hi WR2W, as I was sleeping in the wee hours on Saturday morning, I can hear the song “Close” in my subconscious mind and when I woke up, I can still hear it and feel it in my spirit.  Have you ever had that experience when you go to bed, not listening to a song, but you wake up to one?  God is simply amazing, and He has a way of delivering a message to His children if we are in tune enough to know the voice of our Father singing us a melodious prophecy.  Well my sisters, not only did I receive the words of my Father through the song “Close”, but I went to YouTube and listened to my prophecy and thanked God the whole time it was playing.  I am sure many if not all of us can relate to going through difficult times and a stretch of roughness where we have been waiting and anticipating our breakthrough.  I believe as the songwriter Marvin Sapp sang what our Father placed in his spirit to prophecy to us, we are “Close” to what God has for us.  Do you believe?

 Today, I want to use this time to pray for our mental state and endurance to push through these moments of difficulty, so we can continue to move closer to our destiny because destiny is what God has for us.  But, if we do not believe it, we will not receive it!  This is why I love Mark 11:24 (NLT) because it provides hope and instruction, I tell you, you can pray for anything, and if you believe that you’ve received it, it will be yours”.  Those words, “if you believe”.  Whatever and/or Whomever we are believing God to receive, I am here to encourage each of us that we are closer than yesterday and if we just keep pushing and holding on to God’s Unchanging Hand, we will soon have it or him in our hands.  WR2W, if you are waiting on a new opportunity, receive it and it is yours, if you are waiting on a husband, receive him and he is yours, if you are waiting on a financial blessing, receive it and it is yours, if you are waiting on more of God’s anointing, receive it and the gift is yours, if you are waiting on healing, receive it and it is yours, and if you are waiting on order in your home, receive it and it is yours.  I believe and receive all of the above, and with anticipation, I am waiting for all of it to hit my hand soon because He told me “that I am “Close” to what [He has] for me!  I love each of you, be blessed, be encouraged, and be true!

 Let Us Pray…….

 Father God we come to You with our hearts in humble submission, asking that You would purify our hearts, renew our minds, and give us clean hands to worship You.  Father, for we know that we are not without sin, so we ask You to forgive us daily and feed us with Your Bread of Life that we will never have a day of lack and struggle that You would not get us through.  Teach us Father to P.U.S.H (Pray Under Sacrificial Holiness) because without communing with You in prayer it is impossible for us to follow the steps that You have ordered.  Father, we are closer than we have ever been to reaching our destiny and we pray now that You uproot distraction and every plot of the enemy to keep us from receiving what You have for us.  Father keep us on the path You have set for us and open our minds, eyes, and hearts to receive what You have for us even though we have not yet seen it in the natural.  Father grant us a YES, for we believe the wait is over and are anticipating a great breakthrough in Your darling Son Jesus name, let Your will be done, Amen!

Closer Than Ever

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