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Hi WR2W, I come today to motivate us to do what Nike said best “Just Do It”.   Many of us have been waiting for years to do what God has purposed in our heart, and what we know we are supposed to be doing because we are full of excuses based on fear.  Fear of not having the funds to carry out the vision, fear of not having a partner to support the vision, fear of not having the education to sustain the vision, and fear of failing at executing the vision, all these things keeps us in a position of always waiting and never obtaining.  This is a waste of life and purpose, at least for me, and I refused to be another added waste to the graveyard.  There are many people who have died full of dreams and aspirations, therefore, the graveyard is full of wasted life and purpose because when life expired so did their dreams; which were never introduced and/or fulfilled.  All I can feel deep down in my soul is what a waste and I would rather die on empty, having given all that I am, instead of on full or half a tank! 

 WR2W, whatever you are purposed to do and be, why continue waiting for the perfect time?  The perfect time does not exist, let us “Just Do It”!  The only timing that exist is God’s timing and for those of us who like to blame God and say when is God going to do it and what is He waiting on?  News flash, He is waiting on us to “Just Do It”.  There is a difference between perfect timing and God’s timing.  Perfect timing is the timing man has developed to define the right time to be doing something.  God’s timing is the time in which God has ordained that which we have been waiting on to manifest in perfect timing.  This is a huge difference, so it is important for us not to move on our time; which is before time, but to move on God’s time, which is perfect. 

 So, with that being said, WR2W, let us not waste any more time, let us “Just Do It”.  If paperwork needs to be signed and/or filed, “Just Do It”.  If the building needs to be purchased, “Just Do It”.  If the dress needs to be picked out or you need to be fitted, “Just Do It”.  If the call needs to be made, “Just Do It”.  If a family meeting needs to be scheduled, “Just Do It”.  If you need to get dress and go out and fellowship and develop a godly social life, “Just Do It”.  Whatever it requires for the dream to be achieved, “Just Do It”.  I challenge each of us to use these next 7 days to work toward accomplishing whatever it will take to help us get closer to achieve our goal and not be lazy and full of excuses, but to “Just Do It” relentlessly!  I am all in ladies, I hope you are too.  I love each of you, be blessed, be encouraged, and be true!

Just Doing It

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