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Hi WR2W, it is time for those of us who rather lay down all day and never leave the house to “Get Up, Get Dress, and Get Out”.  Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it is good for us to lay around and catch up on our rest and recharge.  For me, this week was necessary.  Sometimes, it is good for us to turn off all electronic devices, don’t answer any calls, and do nothing but take a mental break to avoid a mental breakdown.  Well, I was not able to fully do all of this because I had to work, but as much of it as I could, believe me, I did!  However, now it is time for me to “Get Up, Get Dress, and Get Out” of this house because these four walls definitely seem to be closing in on me, lol.  I hear people tell me all the time, “Tam you are too young not go anywhere, how do you want to meet someone, he is not coming to your door and get you”.  And to be perfectly honest, I know they are right, although I joke back by saying, “how you know, he could be the FedEx guy”, but then I need to be honest with myself because I am not ordering any packages, lol.  I must do better!  I keep saying this to myself, but until I choose to do better, I guess I will continue to wait on someone or something I am not putting any “good works” into receiving.  “Just as the body is dead without breath, so also faith is dead without good works” (James 2:26 NLT).  

 Therefore, I encourage each of us to start making a special effort to do our work and “Get Up, Get Dress, and Get Out”!  Even if we go to the movies, the mall, grocery shopping, the park, somewhere, we are trying.  Friday, I realized that this is a spirit of laziness because I did not want to do anything outside of work.  All I wanted to do was wish, and I have never discovered where wishing got a person a dream.  We are not little children anymore where our parents tell us “make a wish and your dream will come true”.  We need to stop telling our children that anyway because that is not the whole truth which in my opinion is a lie.  The part that is left out, I will fill in, “make a wish, put it into prayer, work hard to achieve it, and our dream will come true”.  Now, this is the possibility of truth because we gave it to God and at least we tried.  But most importantly, we gave it to God and did not magically leave it up to Him to bring it to pass while thinking we do not have to do our “good works”.   Now, it is true, sometimes God gives us things that we did not apply for, did not ask for, etc., but I guarantee if we really evaluate the situation, we were in position to be seen or thought about to receive the blessing.  We still had to “Get Up, Get Dress, and Get Out” to be seen, thought of, and/or remembered!

 WR2W, if a person never knows our name, never sees our face, never heard about us through connection because all we ever did was laid around, caught up on our rest, and never went anywhere, 9 times out of 10, we will miss the blessing that has been released with our name on it.  I would like to think of this as the power of appointment.  I am ending this year strong and entering next year with even more strength working hard to execute the power of appointment.  I will make a special effort at least three times a week to “Get Up, Get Dress, and Get Out” of the house outside of work.  Will you join me?  If we want to live our best life which is a blessed life, we better do our “good works”.  I love each of you, be blessed, be encouraged, and be true!

Putting in Good Works

2 thoughts on “Get Up, Get Dress, Get Out”

  1. Wow!!! I had kno idea u had a blog I just finished the first passage an I must say I’m intrigued I’ll keep reading it’s ver inspirational!❤️

    1. Hi Shalynn,

      I’m so glad you are enjoying. Please keep reading and share with others, I know sometimes when I’m going through or just need to motivate myself, God gives me a word and I write and share to help someone else. Have a blessed night!

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