Purposeful Pain (Part 2)

365 Days of Growing Together 
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Deuteronomy 9: 21 (NLT) – “I took your sin—the calf you had made—and I melted it down in the fire and ground it into fine dust. Then I threw the dust into the stream that flows down the mountain.”

Hi WR2W, did you do the exercise last week?  I hope so!  When we fully surrender to God and give Him a yes, He begins to reveal the purpose of our pain and gives us strategic direction on how to channel the pain to become purposeful, not only for our good, but for the good of the Kingdom.  WR2W, what we must realize is our pain is never about us.  It is always about our assignment!  However, if we are so focused on what we think we are supposed to be doing (that which is causing us the most pain and holding us in bondage), we will always miss what we are meant to be doing (that which gives us purpose and fulfills destiny)!  For the longest time, I struggled with identifying my purpose because I allowed the emotions of my mind and heart to block me from receiving clarity from the Lord on that which He has purposed me to do.  As hard as it was and sometimes still is, I choose God’s will and I totally say yes to Him.  Is it easy to do?  I would have to say no, but if it is easy for you, then congratulations!  However, for most of us that are being honest with ourselves, it is hard.  It was hard for me because I could not differentiate God’s will from my will.  I never saw them as separate and I did not think I was being selfish and wanted only what I wanted.  I did what I was taught to do: made goals, prayed, and did all I could to make it happen.  So, how do you correct over 30 years of being taught a certain way and train this same mind to forget almost everything about this way and accept the method of just saying yes to the Lord and believe He will reveal what we are meant to do?  I had a serious problem with this method because for people like me, this did not work.

First of all, let me be honest, I became so angry when I was told this for the first couple of times because I felt like my feelings were not being considered and all the pain I was feeling had been disregarded.  Some may say I felt like this because I was being self-righteous, but I say I was merely confused!  At that time, I definitely was far from where I am now spiritually so can you possibly imagine how confused I must have been after hearing such a statement?  Now, I understand why I was told this, but at the time, I truly did not understand.  I did not understand that I was dealing with “Purposeful Pain”.  It took me many years to understand that may pain was not unnoticed but being developed for a greater purpose.  Moreover, it took years of praying to God to teach me through the power of His Holy Spirit how to recognize the difference between His will and my will, forfeit my will, and accept only His will.  For the longest, I believed in my heart that it would have been much easier for me to deal with as well as spared me several years, if that above statement of just saying yes to God’s will would have come with an instruction manual on how to do just that, but one thing I have learned while on this spiritual journey, some things cannot be taught by man but only learned from the Holy Spirit.      

WR2W, there is no step by step manual on how to hear the voice of God in relation to the purpose of our pain because God deals with each of us on a case by case basis, therefore, no two people have the exact process.  Nevertheless, if we participated in the above-mentioned exercise of surrendering to God on last week, we learned to let go and no longer hold on to purposeless pain but learned how to move forward with “Purposeful Pain” and be all that God has destined for us to be.  I challenge each of us to continue to motivate one another to burn the graven images of how we see our life, the plans we have made for our life, and all the pain we have endured from trying to make life happen and accept the “Purposeful Pain” in our life and watch God transcend our expectations.  I love each of you, be blessed, be encouraged, and be true!

My Pain was for Purpose

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