Luke 10:2 (NLT) – “These were His instructions to them: “The harvest is great, but the workers are few. So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask Him to send more workers into His fields.”

Hi WR2W, I pray that your month has been well, and you have been spending a significant amount of time with the Lord. Since last month, I have been reflecting on my life, the different seasons of my life, and how I was shifted in each of those seasons. I realized that every season of life is important and a gift from God and it is our rightful duty as Daughters of the King to work in each season. When I think of a seasonal worker, I think of someone who only works short term (temporarily) during a time when there is an increased work demand. For instance, I am from a small town called St. Joseph in Louisiana that has a sugar mill so every year the locals as well as migrant seasonal workers usually work from October to January or until Sugarcane grinding season is over. Once the grinding season is over, the temporary local workers shift to other employment and the migrant workers is shifted back to their homeland. But although the workers for the grinding season have shifted, the permanent workers who are employed year-round are still working in that location to carry out the process and produce the final product. So, in order to get to the final product, every season (planting, grinding, and harvesting) in the Sugarcane industry is important and workers are needed in each season. Therefore, when it comes to the work of Jesus Christ, there is an increased demand of work each season and the Kingdom cannot afford for the harvest to be plentiful and the workers few.

It is time for us to not only believe God’s field is present, but for us to actually show up in His field and put our hands and feet to work. James 2:26 (NLT) teaches us that “just as the body is dead without breath, so also faith is dead without good works”. The two (faith and action) work hand in hand and if we are truly living our lives by faith (meaning we trust and believe), we will actually get to work and do something. We will not just talk about the goodness of His field, but we will be about sowing goodness into His field. The action of being an all seasons worker will automatically follow and the harvest will still be plentiful, but so will the workers. As Daughters of the King, let us pray to our God for our field assignment with an attitude of selfless concern and as the pure in heart. In this season of our life, let us put our faith (total trust without any doubt) in God like never before. Faith is the reality of God and His power at work in our life. We are to put our faith in things eternal and not the very things that our flesh desires; which has no lasting value. We are looking to the physical and scratching the surface, but God is the I Am Who I Am who brings forth promise to those who harvest in His field.

Moreover, He is the Unseen that is going to bring us out of a dark situation into my marvelous Light. God is the One that will destroy the wall of Jericho (that is blocking our access to the promise), He is the One who will say to the mountain (our issue) be uprooted and thrown into the sea (out of our way). God is a spiritual force that requires us to work in the field and go deep in worship, meditation, and prayer every season, and although we cannot see Him, we must walk (live in this world, conduct ourselves) believing that He is right here with us in all seasons. God is the fence that surrounds us. He goes before us, is on both sides of us, and is behind us, covering every piece of our being. The miracles we have read in His word and the miracles we have seen today are evidence of His presence. God is the same yesterday, today, and forevermore. So, we need to stop saying this is my season. God says, He has created every season, therefore, every season is our season. We are to rejoice in our season of planting (the time given to sow seed), waiting (the time given to prepare to receive the produce of the seed), harvesting (the time in which we see the blessing manifest), and eating (the time in which we are now released to taste and not just see the goodness of the Lord). As hard as it maybe for us, every season will not be a season in which we eat, but if we go through the process, by faith, we will eat the good of the land in the appointed season because by faith, we walked in an act of obedience and lived a life pleasing to God. I love each of you, be blessed, be encouraged, and be true!  

All Seasons Worker❤️


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